We are a Languages Consultants company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with many years experience in the field of Modern Languages Teaching and Educational Resources Development.
Our team of Language Teachers are all native speakers of their respective foreign language, as well as fluent speakers of English.
We work with Primary and Secondary Schools, Local Education Authorities and Government bodies across the UK to provide the following services:
  • Primary Language Learning (PLL) training courses for Scottish Primary teachers in French, Spanish and German, in line with the requirements of the Curriculum for Excellence and the 1+2 Language Initiative.
  • Language workshops and training courses for teachers, tailor-made to the needs of staff leading, teaching and supporting the delivery of languages in primary and secondary schools.
  • Language workshops for pupils
  • Educational resources development for use directly by teachers in their class
  • Strategic advice on local and national language policies
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in any of our services.